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how to protect ipx12 rain test chamber

After a company purchases a rain test chamber, when it is installed at the manufacturer's site, it will focus on the maintenance and maintenance of the rain test chamber, because doing a good job of the rain test chamber can reduce errors during use. Rate, as well as extending its useful life.

Before maintenance, we have to develop a maintenance cycle for the rain test chamber. Because the frequency of use of each component is different, maintenance cannot be performed at the same time, so it is critical to develop a reasonable maintenance schedule.

The details of the rain test chamber that need to be maintained are listed by Xiaoxin Yue.

The outer box of the rain test box should not be placed in direct sunlight. It is forbidden to have dangerous materials such as high magnetic fields and corrosive substances. The outer box surface should be cleaned regularly every month.

After each test, the inner box of the rain test box should be cleaned in time to avoid scratching the inner wall of the inner box with sharp objects.

Before testing the needles in the rain test box, check all the needles before each test, and replace the deformed and blocked needles in time.

The filter of the rain test box, check the filter once a week, and found that the filter element in the filter is black, please replace it in time.

The circuit board and waterway of the rain test box are opened monthly, and the dust on the circuit board and waterway is cleaned with an air spray gun.

In the rain test box, the pendulum tube and the motor are regularly lubricated at the link between the pendulum tube and the motor to reduce wear.





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