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How to deal with the "alarm" for ip rain test chabmer

The rain test chamber is a very widely used but highly safe test equipment. Therefore, the protection measures installed by the manufacturers are usually much less than those of other manufacturers, but rarely they do not mean that they do not.

If the operation that threatens the safety of the operator or fails to operate normally during use, the rain test chamber will still stop and sound the alarm. The test can only be continued after the user resolves the fault or hidden danger. In order to enable everyone to make better use of this rain test chamber, the following editor Yue Xin will explain to you what are the warning measures on the rain test chamber?

In fact, in the process of using the rain test chamber, the most important thing is the lack of power phase and phase sequence alarm. When the external power supply of the rain test chamber is out of phase and the phase sequence is changed, the rain test chamber automatically stops the test and sounds the alarm. This is to prevent the rain test chamber from malfunctioning due to power problems or the operator from being shocked.

Environmental testing equipment such as rain test chambers are connected to a power supply voltage of about 380V. If an electric shock occurs during use, the operator may be seriously injured or die directly, so everyone must be careful during use .

Although the alarm measures on the rain test box are not very many, everyone must be careful during use. If it is the first time to use this rain test box, the operator is best accompanied by a professional test.

If the rain test box fails during use, it is best to contact the rain test box manufacturer to solve it. Never dismantle and modify the rain test box without being completely unclear.





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