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How to choose the temperature humidity test chamber

How to choose the suitable temperature humidity test chamber 

A. The power supply of the constant temperature and humidity test box, whether it is 220V or 380V, is a three-phase or more power interface. If the temperature is below -40 degrees and the cabinet is more than 225L, it is recommended to choose a 380V four-phase power interface. The electricity consumption of the entire laboratory is relatively stable, which is also good for the life of the equipment itself;

B. Air-cooled and water-cooled choices for constant temperature and humidity chambers: Air cooling is generally sufficient. Water cooling is generally used for large-scale constant temperature and humidity chambers or large box rapid temperature rise and fall testing machines. Generally, cold and heat shock test chambers are water-cooled More

C. The size of the constant temperature and humidity box is selected. The general size is determined according to the size of the test product. According to the requirements of the national standard GB2423, the size of the test studio is greater than or equal to 3 times the test product. The effect of such a test is the most ideal In addition, if your product is 300 wide, 250 long, 180 high MM, if the number of test products is not large, 408L (studio 600X850X800MM) is sufficient. Of course, you can choose a larger one, which can be tested in multiple layers; generally speaking, The selection of the size is based on the test of the largest workpiece volume 1/3 of the volume of the test chamber

D. Compare the accessories used by different manufacturers of constant temperature and humidity boxes. Important accessories: one is the controller, the other is the compressor, and the box material.

E, constant temperature and humidity test chamber controller. The controller is like the brain of a constant temperature and humidity test chamber. It is a very important component. Its quality determines the result of the test. Before buying a constant temperature and humidity test chamber, you can go to the market to find out which mainstream controllers are available. Take a look at the controllers used by manufacturers to know the quality of the constant temperature and humidity chamber.

F, cabinet material. The quotation list of some companies is very vague, for example, the shell only writes "stainless steel", but it may not be clear to laymen that there are many types of stainless steel. For example, "201 stainless steel" will rust after a long time, and the market price is relatively cheap;

G, compressor of constant temperature and humidity test chamber. The quality of the compressor determines the cooling effect of the test box. When buying, you should pay attention to the compressor brand used by the manufacturer. Some manufacturers have low quotations, and they will often test miscellaneous compressors to charge them well, or even use second-hand compressors or refurbished compressors. The quality of such products cannot be guaranteed. Purchases need to be cautious!

H. Use environment: Especially the reliability test, the test period is long, and the test object is sometimes a high-value military product. During the test, the test personnel often have to perform operations or test work around the site, so the environmental test equipment must be It has the characteristics of safe operation, convenient operation, reliable use, and long working life to ensure the normal conduct of the test itself.

I, consider the size of the laboratory of your unit, this choice is very important. If the size is different. It is impossible to place the equipment in the laboratory after buying it back.





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