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  •  carton compression strength test machine
 carton compression strength test machine

carton compression strength test machine

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  • weight:412.00g
  • Shooting Angle:130度
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  • Product description:PAPAGO vehicle traveling data recorder full 1080 p hd wide dynamic image processing technology


It is a test machine specially used to test the compression resistance of carton. The carton compressive strength tester can test the compressive strength, stacking strength, fixed strength and compression displacement strength of the carton. It is the basic test for the compressive strength performance of corrugated boxes. instrument,Such as household appliances packaging, electronic components packaging, food and beverage, instant noodle packaging, cosmetic packaging, beer packaging, grain and oil packaging, and so on.


GB/T 4857.4 "Packaging Transport package pressure test method"

GB/T 4857.3 "Packaging Transport Packages Static Load Stacking Test Method"

ISO 12408 "Packaging – Complete, filled transport packages-compression and stacking tests using a compressing tester"

ISO 2234 "Packaging – Complete, filled transport packages and unit loads-Stacking tests using a static load"

QB/T 1048 "Cardboard and Carton Compression Tester"

Technical parameter:

Pressure measurement range:

50~10000N (accept customized)

Measurement size:

(1500*1500*1500)mm Other sizes can be customized according to customer requirements

sensor analysis accuracy


Test speed:

5~300mm/min Stepless adjustable

unit interchange

N/L bf /kg f interchange

Data analysis

7in touch screen with curve analysis, thermal printing integrated, with curve analysis chart printing,

Test function

Determination of compressive strength, measurement of stacking strength, determination of strength of set value,Compressive displacement intensity measurement

Computer control

can be equipped with computer-specific analysis software, curve detail analysis, with dedicated programmable file management analysis report, A4 printing (optional purchase)


1. Stroke protection: high for the upper and lower limit protection switch to prevent exceeding the preset stroke;

2. Power protection: The system can set the maximum force value to prevent exceeding the sensor calibration value;

3. Emergency stop device: This high has an emergency stop switch to handle unexpected situations;

Working environment

temperature (20±10°C), humidity <85%

Power source

220V/50Hz, Power: 2500W

Various specifications Dimensions

2300*1500*2500mm (1500model)


About 1500kg


Please contact us to make sure the details , such as the package size ,the compression weight etc .

Four test function:

a.Strength test: used to determine the maximum pressure resistance of the box

b.Fixed value test: the overall performance of the box can be tested according to the set pressure

c.Stacking test: According to the requirements of national standards, stacking test can be carried out under different conditions such as 12 hours and 24 hours.

d.Determination of compressive displacement intensity: examine the compression deformation results, crushing force and crushing displacement of the carton

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