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  • ANSI97 standard solar panels glass pendulum impact test equipment
ANSI97 standard solar panels glass pendulum impact test equipment

ANSI97 standard solar panels glass pendulum impact test equipment

  • impactor weight:45kg
  • Lift control deviation:0-1.18in(0-30mm)
  • Sample size:About H76inxW34in (H1930xW865±2mm)
  • Power :AC220V,5A
  • Product description:ANSI97 standard solar panels glass pendulum impact test equipment


Pendulum impact tester is use for the construction of glass, safety glass impact test, is to test the safety of glass in the same mass under the impact of different height under the impact of different penetration resistance or strength of a special device, its technology in line with GB9962, GB9963 standard The relevant provisions


Production standards: ANSI Z97.1-2004ISO/DIS12542 1~12543-6:1997AS/NZS2208:1996GB/T9962-1999 and other standards.

Main performance characteristics
1, because the tire weight 45.4±0.2kg, The center of the impactor from the ground height =76in/2+48in+6in=92in(2337mm) ,Manpower is unable to operate , so the design of electric lift pneumatic tires, raised the height of the actual test requirements and adjust;


2, due to swing arm height 12in(305mm)18in(457mm)24in(610mm)30in(762)36in(915)48in(1220mm) adjustable, swing arm radius of 60in(1524mm), so the use of stepper motor drive precision winding wire rope, through the winding wire rope to raise the arm height;


3, the main frame are made of GB 3.9in(100mm )channel welded, the surface polished by polishing and spraying ; swing arm wire rope  made of the national standard high-quality rope with 1/8inch (3mm) diameter , the motor wire rope is also used 1/8inch (3mm) wire rope;

4, the use of electromagnetic clutch release lead bomb pocket, pendulum electric control reset;


Impact mode

Pendulum style

Swing arm radius

About 77in(1950mm)

Impact height

12-48in(305~1220mm)(The height of the impactor relative to the specimen center line) adjustable

Impactor weight


Lift control deviation


Sample size

About H76inxW34in (H1930xW865±2mm)

Rubber strip size

W0.79in20±2mm  thickness:0.39in10±1mm  hardness60±5IRHD

Sample Wooden frame internal dimensions


Outer fame size

About W47.2in×D71in×H92inW1200×D1805×H2340mm


About 750kg



Wire rope diameter


Wire rope length


Maximum impact height


Impactor trip Method

Pneumatic Column Traction Tripping

Height measuring element

Own height pole

Fixed way

Anchor bolts fixed

Frame material


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