• BS EN136 Flame retardant tester for medical face masks
BS EN136 Flame retardant tester for medical face masks

BS EN136 Flame retardant tester for medical face masks

  • flame height:40 ± 4mm
  • linear speed: (60 ± 5) mm / s
  • temperature of the flame:(800 ± 50) ℃
  • Product description:BS EN136 Flame retardant tester for medical face masks

Standards compliant:

GB 19083-2010 "Technical Requirements for Medical Protective Masks", YY 0469-2011 "Medical Surgical Masks", GB 2626-2006 "Respiratory Protective Equipment Self-Suction Filtered Anti-Particle Respirator" 6.15 Flammability, BS EN 136-1998


Scope of application:

Mainly used to test medical masks is a special test instrument for the flame retardant performance of medical masks.

Instrument description:

This equipment is a head mold with a mask to test the combustion performance of the mask after contacting the flame at a certain linear speed,


Main feature:

1. PLC + touch screen control system; makes the test more convenient, has been operated and visualized;

2. The mask jig is a metal human head model, which can fully simulate the actual use state of the mask.

3. The height of the burner is adjustable.

4. Automatic timing positioning of the burner.

5. Burning time and flame retardant time are automatically recorded, and digital display.

6. Equipped with flame temperature measuring probe and flame temperature display.

7, automatic control system, automatic ignition;

8. The burner is equipped with combustible gas interface such as propane (liquefied gas).

9. Automatic timing, automatic storage of test data; easy to retrieve test report;

Technical index:

1. The linear speed of the automatic movement of the head mold is (60 ± 5) mm / s

2. The flame height can be adjusted 40 ± 4mm

3. Equipped with flame temperature measurement and detection thermocouple

4. The temperature of the flame at the height of (20 ± 2) mm from the top of the burner is (800 ± 50) ℃

5. The distance between the top of the burner and the lowest point of the mask is (20 ± 2) mm

6. The burner height adjustment range is 30mm

7. The wall thickness of the metal head mold is 2 ~ 3mm, which is resistant to flame and combustion

8. Continuous burning time and smoldering time timer: 0 ~ 9999.9 seconds, accuracy: ± 0.1 seconds

9. Working power supply: AC220V, 50Hz, 50W

10, weight: about 30kg

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